Eat Your Breakfast or Else!


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Praise for Grandma Wants to Eat My Baby Sister! and Eat Your Breakfast or Else!
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Chosen as A BookTree selection:
"In children's picture books, you see a lot of the same themes over and over again. However, a book on idioms is a rare find. "Grandma Wants to Eat My Baby Sister!" does an excellent job explaining, at a preschooler's level, the concept of idioms in the context of a fun story. The side theme of a younger sibling is a nice touch."
-Kathy Balch, Owner, BookTree LLC

"I read it at least 3 times to my daughter and son when we got home. And, I read 2 more times at bedtime. They love it - lots of smiles and giggles! Especially my daughter, who related to the ballet and food parts."
-Lizelle Green

"Grandma Wants to Eat My Baby Sister plays off of how literally kids take what we say as adults. And why not, they don't know any different...Your family will love this very funny book about a little girl getting used to having a baby sister around."
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"Just wanted to let you know that your book was a SMASHING hit with my boys. They truly loved it! They both asked if you were planning on making it into a series... It flows well and it is fun to read aloud."
-Michele Brass

"As a parent/teacher, I loved "Grandma Wants To Eat My Baby Sister"!
Growing up hearing some of these idioms, I was taken by the clever story and wonderful illustrations, making these words come alive. This book is great for children of all ages and especially for our Second Language English Learners. Idioms are the hardest to learn in any language. Bravo!"
-Lori Adessa, teacher

"Original...funny...great illustrations! Adults and children alike will
relate to this delightful story. An absolute 'peach' of a book!"
-Vanessa Franco, Preschool Director

"My students absolutely delighted in the wonderful idioms and sweet tale of siblings in Jackie Broad's, Grandma Wants to Eat My Baby Sister!. The hysterical idioms in her story provided a wonderful opportunity to explore the complexity of language with young children. All children can relate to this sweet story of sibling love."
-Lisa Mudd, teacher

"My 4-year-old daughter's new fave book, by far! She giggles with delight at all the funny food words and has memorized the book so she can read it to me now. She sleeps with it next to her on a pillow in bed. It's a sweet and touching book for the 'kid' in all of us."
-Jennifer Ginsburg

"You know, that book is really funny."
-Ian S., age 4

"This book has been a favorite of ours. It is creative and fun. We laugh
every time we read it!"
-Deb Luster, President Can Do Kids LLC and author

"Jackie's lovely story and Sheilaugh's charming illustrations captivated my granddaughter, Lily! So much so that she insisted we read the story every night during her recent visit - always asking if she was "the shiniest apple in the bunch" (of course, she is!!). "
-Nancy "Mims" Clark, Preschool Administrator and Grandma

"How many times have you heard someone say, 'you are so adorable that I could eat you right up!' Not quite sure where this came from, but we obviously don’t take it literally. In this little tale, big sister Maddie overhears her grandma saying this to her baby sister Alyssa and does just that.. At first Maddie doesn’t think she’ll mind, but after learning that having a baby sister can really be fun, she has her heart set on stopping her grandma. No one is going to eat her sissy! Clever and cute."

"Eat Your Breakfast or Else! provides children food for thought regarding the importance of breakfast in a fun space adventure. Our family loves Jackie's books, and this one truly takes the cake!"
- Tyler and Tolan Florence. Tyler is a Chef, TV Host and Restaurateur. Tolan and Tyler have launched two retail kitchen shops: Tyler Florence, Mill Valley and Napa.

"I love the message of Eat Your Breakfast or Else! Jared's incredible space adventure teaches kids - in language they understand - that starting the day with a healthy breakfast helps them fuel their bodies and feel great."
-Joy Bauer, M.S., R.D., bestselling author and nutrition expert for the TODAY show.

"Many ingredients come together to make Eat Your Breakfast or Else! a real treat. It is always a challenge to convey a lesson such as eating healthy without being too preachy, and this book succeeds by virtue of its original and refreshing story line combined with humor pitched at the right level. Fantasy and imagination are the added spices that contribute to this unique reading experience that both child and adult can enjoy."
-Kathy Balch, Owner, BookTree LLC