About Three Puppies Press

Jackie Jafarian Broad formed Three Puppies Press in 2008. Located in Mill Valley, California, Three Puppies Press is committed to creating and publishing quality books for children. The emphasis is on humor and laughter, as reflected by our tagline “A funny thing happened on the way to growing up …”

Three Puppies Press wants to make reading fun!
A story that connects with a child creates a love of books and reading that will last a lifetime. Each book takes a common experience from childhood and depicts the situation in a somewhat over-the-top and comical manner. Children will not only get a kick out of reading these stories, but will also enjoy watching the characters develop understanding and attain personal growth.

The creation ofThree Puppies Press was inspired by Jackie's three children: Madelyn, Alyssa and Jared.
In fact, the publishing company name is derived from a nickname that she has for each of her children -- "Puppy."Three Puppies Press is dedicated to supporting quality education. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to schools and other educational organizations.